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Welcome to a new era in music! Syvelle Story is gonna take the industry by storm...With a mixture of flavor from oldschool to the new generation of music, Syvelle Story has found a unique sound that will mix genre's unlike ever before. This soulful crooner is deeply rooted in the heart of music which makes it hard to distinguish which genre he is in...His music and ability to be versatile makes it hard to classify his sound to anything other than musical genius! Singers and musicians should be rated on feeling, more than just being able to hit notes....Syvelle Story believes more in having a connection to his listeners, than actually playing textbook.

"A feeling is what drives the music, so sometime's you just have to let go in order to actually feel the music, most of the time you cant program a feeling, it just happens, the same is with music." Syvelle Story

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     Syvelle Story is also one of the few artists that does it all! From making his own tracks to doing all the recording, mixing and engineering Syvelle Story is a talent to be recokoned with! Not only a artist in one sense of the word, but an artist in all aspects of the word...At the present time Syvelle Story sings as one of the front members of the Classic group,"ATLANTIC STARR." Singing hits such as Secret Lovers, Am I Dreaming, Lets Get Closer and Always just to name a few...

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